“Off Off” Officially Launches, Friday the 13th at 4 PM [#4]

Sorry, it’s been a bit since I last posted.  I’ve been editing.

The shoot in March went great.  Rather than tell you about it, why don’t I just show you?  You can see Behind the Scenes footage today just by clicking “Watch Episodes” on the website.

I passed Kyra Sedgwick about 2 hours ago on the street arm in arm with a friend, and I turned right around and gave her a card for Off Off. Hopefully I wasn’t too creepy!  She very generously took a card.  Just gorgeous in person, I gotta say.  That Kevin Bacon is a lucky man.  So Off Off is 2 degrees from Kevin Bacon.

I wished in retrospect that apologized for disturbing her conversation, but at least I asked politely if I might give her a card “for my new webseries launching in 2 hours!”  She couldn’t have been nicer.  I could just hear my mom’s voice in my head, “Oh honey, you probably shouldn’t have disturbed her.”  My natural inclination is not to be a big promoter of myself.  But I’m going against my nature right now!  Trying to get the word out even if I have to force myself to do it.

We shot the pilot episode in March, and since then as been editing the footage together in Final Cut Pro.  (Fantastic program — using version X — but runs like molasses on my Mac computer that’s a few years old using Snow Leopard.)

I’m missing one shot, about a 6 second shot of a 4 year old girl with the theatre intern/baby-sitter played by Kendall Rileigh.  Once we get that shot, Episode 101 is ready to go.